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Supercharge your database with Searchbase— get real-time search, analytics, and AI-enhanced insights in minutes, not weeks.

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The Search API Redefining Data Interaction

With Searchbase Cloud building your search experience is as easy as connecting your data source, building your query with our visual helper, and integrating it with your application by calling the query.

Swift. Flexible. Intuitive.

You bring your database, we bring the search. Searchbase is designed to be the most intuitive and flexible search solution on the market.

Simple Search, Unlimited Possibilities

Whether you need a simple search bar or a complex search experience with filters, geosearch, and semantic capabilities, Searchbase has you covered. Our flexible APIs make it easy to build the perfect search experience for your users.

Feature 01

Proactive Insights & Alerts

Understand your users and their search behavior with our powerful analytics and insights. Setup alerts and notifications to stay ahead of the curve and keep your search experience fresh and relevant.

Feature 02

Plug-n-Play Search Simplicity

Gone are the days of complex search integration. With Searchbase, you can implement advanced search functionality in minutes, not months.



Fine-tune search results with precision. Our customizable filters balance user needs with deep insights, streamlining data discovery and relevancy.


Talk to your data with Searchbase Data Studio. Our intuitive interface empowers you to explore, analyze, and visualize data with ease.


Manage your search experience with ease. Our powerful management tools help you monitor and optimize your search performance.


Control access with confidence. Searchbase provides secure and flexible authorization to safeguard your data and user privacy.

Visual Query Builder

Craft and convert queries from our Visual Query Builder into instant API calls for seamless execution and integration.

AI-Powered Semantic Clustering

Leverage the power of AI to group and categorize search results for a more intuitive and relevant user experience.

Why Choose Searchbase?

Searchbase offers a powerful set of features to help you build delightful search experiences while saving time and resources.

API Integration

Effortless API Integration

Connect your data sources instantly. Our robust API integrates seamlessly, empowering your applications with advanced search capabilities.

Real-time Sync

Stay updated in real-time. Searchbase ensures your data is always current, reflecting updates immediately across all user interfaces.

Intuitive Query Building

Craft complex queries with our Visual Query Builder, a user-friendly interface that turns search parameters into a visual process.

User Experience

Adaptive UI ComponentsCOMING SOON

Build beautiful search experiences. Our adaptive UI components fit naturally into your design, offering users a seamless interaction.

Interactive Data StudioCOMING SOON

Talk to your data. Ask questions and generate visualizations on-the-fly with our interactive Data Studio.

Personalized User InsightsCOMING SOON

Understand your users better. Gain insights into search patterns to tailor the experience to their needs.

Advanced Capabilities

Image Semantic SearchCOMING SOON

Dive into the visual dimension of search. With our Image Semantic Search, discover the power to query images by their content, unlocking a new layer of searchability and interaction.

Geo Search

Localize your user experience with Geo Search. Pinpoint and sort results by proximity to any latitude and longitude, offering a tailored search that connects users with what's around them.

Hybrid Search

Looking for farm stays near Santa Cruz? Our Hybrid Search combines location filters with a smart analysis of descriptions and images, so you'll discover hidden gems without needing exact terms.

Where Data Meets Discovery

Unleash the Power of Search

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